Our Mission

Is to help kids and adults to have fun and learn by playing.

The games are in different genres. Most of them are educational games which will challenge your brain, so what you learn or develop as a skill during the play, later can be helpful in real life.

For you

Some examples of the covered topics are Chess, Math tests, Maze and Brain tests.

If you are not a fan of mind games, there are also light games mainly for entertainment, like Balloon shooting and Gravity.

We wish you a pleasant playing!

The games are available at many app stores:

Our Motivation

Inspired by memories from our childhood about playing games we have started to create games for Android.
10 years ago, our initial intent was just to inspire some creatures to move over the phone and tablet screens.
Over time, the games became useful and nice and we decided to publish them on the app stores, so everybody can download and use them.
We hope you will like them as well!

Have questions?
We are waiting for them!