Mind Adaptivity Test (MAT) Cards

Mind Adaptivity. Psychological test. Play with cards. Card sorting.


The purpose of this app is to test and measure how well people can adapt to the changing rules.
It is actually challenging your brain and testing your mind’s adaptability.
Indeed, this app is inspired by the original work by Grant, D. A., & Berg, E. A. (1948) – A Behavioral Analysis of Degree of Reinforcement and Ease of Shifting to New Responses in a Weigl-Type Card-Sorting Problem. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 38, 404-411.
It might look similar to Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST), as copyrighted in the US, but is not the actual WCST and is different in a number of important aspects.
If you want to have the original exact Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST), please find the publisher’s information.

Usage instructions

  • In the MAT Cards you need to match a card with one of the four cards on the buttons.
  • After the selection you will get feedback whether the card’s selection is correct or not.
  • If not, you have to apply different rules and match again.
  • In general, there are 3 variants of logic or rule you could use – objects on the card have color, shape and count.
  • After you find the rule you may use it for a while, because the rule will stay the same for a number of questions, depending on the playing mode.
  • But that is not all. The rule is changing and you have to adapt by getting feedback from the app in order to match the card again.
  • So, the goal is to answer all questions trying to find each rule as fast as possible and have as many as possible correct answers at the end.

Free Install :

Free Install :

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Metatrans Apps repo :


  • Questions organized as an test sequence.
  • There are different modes of playing – shorter and longer questionnaires – starting from 18-30 questions and going up to 72-120 questions.
  • Shows the result after the test (count of correct/incorrect, time used)
  • Leaves the interpretation and categorization of the results open to you and at the same time if you have better scores this means bigger mind agility.
  • High scores – keeps track and shows your best result for each mode.
  • Supports different color palettes for different tastes.


The free version of the app uses ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and INTERNET permissions, because it shows ads.

Your feedback and/or review is more than welcome!