Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) Variant: Cards

Psychology. Psychological test. Play with Wisconsin cards. Card sorting game.


Do you like to play with cards or to make psychological tests? Give it a try! In Wisconsin Card Sorting Test you need to match a card with one of the four cards on the buttons. After the selection you will get feedback whether the card’s selection is correct or not. If not, you have to apply different rule and match again. The rules are three – by color, by shape and by count/number. After you find the rule you may use it for a while. But that is not all. The rule is changing and you have to adapt by getting feedback from the game in order to match the card again.

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  • Questions organized as an exam / test sequence (60 questions)
  • Shows the result after the exam (count of correct/incorrect, time used)
  • High scores – keeps track of your best result for each level
  • Supports different color palettes for different tastes.

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