Chess Board Scanner and Analyzer

App which scans and analysis 2D chess boards, captured from other screens


The purpose of this app is to increase your productivity in regards to chess related topics.

We will highly appreciate if you are tolerant and collaborative as this is one of the initial versions of our application.

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It scans and analyses 2D chess board in 5 basic steps:

  • Take picture with option to flip the board – the quality and the proper positioning in the green square are crucial.
  • Automatic cropping and rotating of the picture – needs your final assessment whether the board image is correctly extracted. If not – try again.
  • Automatic matching of pieces – if the pieces set is supported then the matching should successfully recognize the positioning of the pieces.
  • Edit board – you could edit castling rights, side to move and could correct pieces positions if necessary.
  • Analyze – start the Bagatur chess engine for analysis by clicking on the computer icon.

The ELO of Bagatur 2.2 chess engine is around 3000. It has unique playing style leading to different games compared to the games of the top chess engines like Stockfish and Komodo.

  • The application is tested with default pieces sets from and as these sites are intensively used by chess players.
  • If the application does not work well for you as your pieces are different, please send us an image with all pieces so we could add it to the application.
  • Our idea is to incrementally enrich the application with abilities to recognize more and more pieces sets as well as to add new features.

Your feedback and/or review is more than welcome!